Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three Weeks, Many Firsts

Asher is three weeks old today! Yesterday was his official due date, and I have to say that I am thrilled that I've gotten to know him an extra three weeks. We have been so busy since he came into the world that I feel like I have a lot to update the blog about. I'm realizing I'll never get caught up, but here's a shot.

5/27: First night at home. Not nearly as bad as I had feared.

5/30: First night in his own room. Initially we had him sleeping in a pack-and-play in our room, but since I have been pumping with every feeding since we've been home, which is not something that can easily be done in bed in the dark, having him in our bedroom didn't help anything. In fact, it just woke up the whole family needlessly. We might be the exception, but in our case, Asher in his own room with the door shut and the monitor on helps everyone get a little more sleep.

5/31: First outing. To Babies R Us and Costco. Horrors for parents and not very exciting for a 1-week-old. He slept through the whole thing.

6/1: First cosmetic surgery. Yep, he's circumcised.

6/2: First roll-over. For real. He actually did it 3 times that day, and from my observations, it was a very purposeful thing. He really hates tummy time, so from the start, he was working on getting onto his back. He has repeated the move several times since. For a little guy, he is very strong!

6/4: First trip to Grandma and Grandpa Marki's house. There he met the four crazy Aussies and found his own personal guard-dog in Hobie, who is very protective of him.

6/5: First hike. We took him with our friends Cristy and Fred on a short hike behind our development. Asher loves riding in his Ergo carrier and had a nice nap on the way. Mommy and Daddy had a harder time, considering how out of shape we got while I was on bedrest.
Also, First Real Tears. Apparently he really did not want to get out of the Ergo and into the car seat.

6/7: Two weeks old and back to birth weight. Hooray!

6/10: Belly button!

6/11: First real bath. And only real bath to date...he wasn't a fan.

6/12: First thumb-suck. He's a big fan of the non-nutritive sucking.

6/13: First major spit-up. Lucky Mommy. Good thing crib sheets are washable.

6/14: First trip to the beauty salon. Good practice for me, as I get used to getting out of the house with him and going about everyday life.

Later this week, we will have many more notable firsts, as we head to his Uncle Chris's wedding. We look forward to his first wedding, first "tux," and first stay in a hotel, as well as a wonderful second visit from his Dunn grandparents, Mama Katie and Daddy Brad.

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