Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A New Aunt

Congratulations to my brother, Chris(topher), and his new wife, Robin. Asher now officially has two aunts, though we have thought of Robin as family since before he was born. Their wedding was on Saturday at the Clos La Chance winery in San Martin, California, and we stayed at the adjacent Corde Valle resort for the weekend. Not a shabby place for Asher to spend his first night in a hotel--in fact, one of the nicest hotels I have been to (which is saying a lot, as I have been lucky enough to stay in some amazing places). It was a lovely wedding in a beautiful setting with perfect weather all weekend. We couldn't have asked for more!

The weekend went well overall. We were reminded why we have Asher stay in his own room at home: he is a very noisy sleeper. We also learned that in a hotel with a baby, no one really gets any sleep because when one person is up with the baby, the whole room is up with the baby, no matter how spacious the room. It was also a good thing we had such a huge room because of the amount of stuff we had to bring with us to keep us all comfortable. I don't think we could have fit anything else in the car. Amazing. I don't think we'll attempt another hotel stay for a while, if we can avoid it.

We were fortunate to have another visit from Asher's Dunn grandparents, who stayed in the room next to ours. We had a nice visit with more quality time than we had had in the hospital. It was also nice to have them right next door so that if we needed a baby watcher for a few minutes, they were available. It gave me a place to hang out for a while on Saturday morning to let Crockett sleep. Buttercup, who also got to come along for the trip, always enjoys Daddy Brad's company, as she got many handouts from the room service tray.

Asher had the honor of being the ring bearer for the wedding. He did a great job, all things considered. We had a bit of a panic because he woke up hungry just minutes before the ceremony was to start. We loaded him up as much as we could. Then he managed to dirty five diapers during a single change. It is probably a world record. Finally, we were ready to go, and just seconds before he and I were about to head down the aisle, he let out a big shriek and spit up a bunch. Not having any other cloth on hand, I wiped his mouth on his "tux" shirt--very classy. Then I bounced him a couple of times as we headed down the aisle. Fortunately, he quieted down long enough for us to hand off the rings to the best man and get a kiss from his uncle, and then we met up with Daddy, who had a stash of emergency supplies. Asher let out a few more wails during the ceremony, which were quickly staunched, and no one noticed them. Thank goodness for outdoor weddings.

Asher's growth the last couple of weeks has been phenomenal. I had altered the pants and cummerbund for his little tux a week before the wedding. When I put them on him on the big day, the waistband was so tight that it made him spit up, and the cummerbund was about 2 inches too short. To make them fit for the ceremony, I had to snip the elastic and use a safety pin for the cummerbund. I figured I had measured them wrong. I knew he had grown, but I didn't believe he could grow that much.

Our weigh-in with the pediatrician yesterday showed clearly why nothing fit: he has gained 1.5 lbs in the last 2 weeks, putting him up to 6 lbs 13 oz. He is finally on the growth chart, with his weight at the 4th percentile and length at the 6th. Judging by the length of his feet (he has already outgrown 0-3 month size socks), he has a ways to go. I suspect the every 2-3 hour feedings will continue for a while. At least now we're seeing the fruits of our labor and are so relieved that Asher is healthy and is catching up so quickly.

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