Thursday, June 23, 2011

Best Seat in the House

I hadn't intended to use this blog to review baby paraphernalia, offer parenting tips, etc., but this morning I felt inspired to share about our favorite piece of baby gear: the Graco Duo 2-in-1 Swing. We owe our friends Sylvia and Mike a huge thanks for allowing us to borrow theirs (which they haven't actually used yet--their boys are too big, and they are saving it for baby #3).

This thing is a swing with a removable bounce chair. When I first started researching swings, this sounded like the perfect option--why would I buy two separate pieces of equipment when they are available in combination? What I hadn't considered was how awesome the combination would prove to be when trying to cope with a fussy baby and still get things done. Babies like swinging, and babies like vibrating, and unlike most pieces of equipment, this allows babies to do both at the same time. With the addition of a pacifier, it is baby calming magic. The thing I love the most about it is that once the baby is asleep, you can move him to another part of the house without taking him out of the seat. I owe this morning's shower to the Graco Duo Swing. Once Asher was finally asleep, we moved into the bathroom. Normally, I would just leave him in his room with the baby monitor, but on a fussy day like today, who wants to run back and forth with every peep? In his vibrating throne, he was happy, and I had a little "me" time. Love it!


  1. That is awesome. We borrowed a swing for N, so next time around (not for awhile), I love the two in one idea!! :) Sweet snoozing baby, and yeah for a relaxing shower for mama! I remember my super fast showers with the monitor turned on high...not relaxing!

  2. seriously, it is the best! there were some bad reviews on amazon--people thought the tray was annoying, which it is, but we deal. we got very lucky because sylv found this one on craigslist and bought it even though they won't need it for a few years, so we get to use it. an added bonus is that it matches our family room and (sorta)the nursery :) way better than taking the monitor into the shower and hoping you don't have to run across the house with shampoo in your hair!